Music and Sound Design for Film

When it comes to music and sound design for moving picture, in this area where a single musical note can drive the atmosphere of an entire scene, highest level of experience is a must.

Considering budget and quality requirement, you couldn't get to a better place. Mariusz can provide you with top notch, fine-tuned sound design regardless of the complexity of your project and to that, dynamic, emotional music, that will seamlessly sync to picture and sound effects.

The Third / Ender's Game - SciFi Short by Jacob Schwarz

Sound Design - Mariusz Jasionowicz

The Third is a short SciFi Film directed by Jacob Schwarz, it is a Fan made SciFi feature and a tribute to the original Ender's Game film.

The Sphere - SciFi Short by Nikolas Militello

Music  / Sound Design - Mariusz Jasionowicz

The Sphere is a short SciFi Film, using video technology cleverly and proving that it is possible to create high quality production without massive budget.

Film was produced by Nikolas Militello. All Music and sound effects, created entirely at RareSound Production  by Mariusz Jasionowicz.

Film/Trailer Samples

Music  / Sound Design - Mariusz Jasionowicz

Music composition and sound effects for games, film, and media
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