Composer and Sound designer Mariusz Jasionowicz

RareSound Production was founded in 2011 by Mariusz Jasionowicz, composer, arranger, performing musician and sound designer  (NCFE, HND, BSc in music/sound).

Who is Mariusz?

Mariusz was born in 1979 in Zlotoryja, Poland, and for majority of his life he was connected with music as performing artist, keyboard player, lyricist, vocalist and producer. Mariusz composed music for number of contemporary artists in Poland, performances, competitions, released own albums and also as a composer and songwriter received several awards. Around 2006-07 his career turned towards video games (his second passion) and film industry.

Since then, Mariusz worked on numerous soundtracks and sound effects for games, trailers, documentaries, features, audiobooks,  audio libraries and audio tutorials.

Mariusz holds Degrees in Music Technology (De Montfort University, UK) and Game Audio Design (Staffordshire University, UK).

At present, mostly freelance, Mariusz collaborates with game developers, corporate clients and film directors.

The main company’s aim is to built a solid image and industry reputation, by creating best quality, keeping prices affordable but at the same providing services that are competitive to those from major production studios.

Composer sound designer Mariusz Jasionowicz
Composer sound designer Mariusz Jasionowicz


How much will it cost me to compose music/SFX?


Best, get in touch for no-obligation FREE quote.


I usually charge "per minute" of music or per 1 sfx and rates depend on each individual project. 


Will it be difficult to talk to you about a project?


If you are not familiar with audio/music terminology, don't worry. Music bears emotions, if you can explain what you want by saying what would you like your audience to feel when listening to the music/sound effects, that is enough, though a basic knowledge of terminology would help.


How long will it take to compose a piece/SFX?


It depends, every project is unique and needs different amount of work and care put into it. I am rather fast composer/sound designer (what I always hear from clients), never compromising on quality. But one is certain, whatever deadline is agreed, it will ALWAYS be met on time, or before.


How do you deliver music?


There are many formats available like mp3, ogg, wav, aiff. I usually deliver audio files in WAV / AIFF 48kHz/24bit.

If you work on a mobile game, film, audiobook and are not sure what you may need, just get in touch and I will help. As for delivering the files to you we can use dropbox, online file transfer services or direct transfer via skype, etc. Email is also possible but this way is often limited to 5 - 10mb maximum.



What if I don’t like the music you write?


Firstly, I always advice to listen all the music/audio samples and check external links carefully. If you liked the style then it is a good starting point. If I already started working on your project and you are not satisfied with the first draft, no problem, just talk to me. usually when working with composer for the first time, revisions may be needed. It's a process of dialogue between me and the client before we get to the right point. Constructive criticism is part of life for every artist and I have learnt to take it and respond to it with patience and respect.


Can I talk to or get references from people who’ve worked with you ?


​It often take time to get response from people, especially regarding projects i worked on years ago, but yes, this can be arranged.



I have questions not listed here.


Get in Touch via email or contact form   :-)



Music composition and sound effects for games, film, and media
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